How to Make Your Duct Cleaning Effective

If you own an air conditioning system or have one located in your home, you need to know about air duct cleaning. Dirty air ducts can contribute to allergic reactions and respiratory infections. Ducts are used to transport air throughout your entire home or office building. Proper maintenance will save you money over time because the contaminated or mold-infected air can make people sick. Air Duct Cleaning Clearwater, FL ensures optimal functioning of your HVAC system. Here are some of the most common services offered:


Air Duct Cleaning: Most home and office buildings have a central air conditioning system. The air ducts run from your furnace to the different rooms in your home via a roller conveyor system. Starting at the farthest outside duct run from your furnace, the brush rotates multiple times through the duct system. The filter should be cleaned at least once a month. After the filter is cleaned, a new filter should be placed on the same roller conveyor and run through the system.

Inspection and Maintenance: Many homeowners don’t perform regular inspections or maintenance on their indoor air vents. Instead, they think that there is no need to maintain it since they aren’t actively using the space. However, if there are accumulated dust, mold, and insects, you need to address these issues. Your air duct cleaning services provider can inspect the area for debris and determine whether it needs to be cleaned or maintained. You can schedule inspections between approximately forty-five minutes to one hour.

Dust Collection: You must keep the HVAC system clean. If you use an air filter, you should change it regularly to help collect dust and pollen kicked up into the space by people and allergens. You should also hire professionals to clean the filters, dust collection cupboards, and other areas. In addition, a periodic air duct cleaning services company can vacuum the ceiling and other visible areas to ensure that it is free of debris. If you don’t have an efficient ventilation system, preventing dust from settling in the attic and other spaces will be more challenging.

Aerosols and Filters: If you have an HVAC system, you must keep it clean. It is essential to perform regular maintenance to ensure that your air ducts are cleaned out to prevent asthma attacks, congestion, and other respiratory conditions. Even if you don’t suffer from these issues daily, you should perform an inspection to make sure that you are not breathing in any harmful allergens that could be in the air.

Vacuuming and Sweeping: Although you don’t need to do a full-blown cleaning every month, dusting is essential. Dust can accumulate in various parts of the air ducts, which will cause contamination and reduce the quality of the air. It also makes it more difficult to breathe. To help minimize the amount of dust that accumulates in the system, it is advised that you sweep or vacuum your ducts at least twice a week.

Heat Pumps and fans: Air conditioners and heating systems utilize airflow to regulate temperature. They also use this airflow to increase cooling and circulate heat. Unfortunately, these systems are susceptible to mechanical breakdowns when dirt and other particles get inside them. When you discover a problem with the pump or fan, it is advised that you immediately replace the part. Air duct cleaning professionals can easily remove these obstructions and improve your airflow, thus reducing the chance of experiencing adverse health reactions.

The inspection and cleaning process mentioned above is just one component of the overall HVAC maintenance program. Other steps that you should take include regular duct cleaning and inspection and replacing damaged parts. You can find a local service provider who offers HVAC maintenance services in your area, so contact one today.